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Semi-Permanent/Lash Extensions!

Mink lashes individually applied lash by lash to your own natural lashes to enhance your eye beauty. Lashes last 4-6 weeks with 2-3 week maintenance for up keep.


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.Promo....1st TIME CLIENTS ONLY!!!! $100 ANY SET!


Classic $135 (Mink)

Fill $90

Wet Look $135

Fill $90

Hybrid $150

Fill $100

Mega Volume $160

Fill $110

Infills Varies by week

Lash Removal $25.

Timing 60 to 180 minutes application time including consultation.

Signed consent forms are required!

Allergies Alert.....please be advised if you have any sensitives to any of the following .(Latex, Synthetic and Silicon) 

3 Day Guarantee on lash extension..........NO REFUNDS!!!!!!

Add on Services.........

Bottom Lash Extensions  $25.00

Color: red, white, blue, brown purple and yellow,,,,,,$10

Timing Varies : Please be advise eyes are partially open during procedure.

Party/Cluster Lashes

Temporarily lash groups applied at once to create a natural to full look for special occasions or daily wear.

Pricing $30

100% Mink Lash Strips $15 with application

Timing: 30 mins

Brow Services

Wax or tweeze those brows into shape, you decide! Get your lip and chin serviced while your at it.


Lip $10

Chin $10

Eyebrows $15

Timing: Varies


Brow Lamination Plus Wax & Contouring

Brow Lamination is like a perm for your brows: a chemical treatment process to the eyebrow hair, in order to remove any of the curl or kinks or texture and make the brows lie very flat and straight.

Brow lamination lasts four to six weeks. $90

Brow Tinting

Suffering from brows being to light? Tinting can change the appearance you so desire.

Brow tinting $30 includes waxing

Microshading Brows

Microshading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. The color fades over time, and yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain optimal results.

Price; $399 total (Two Sessions)

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